Nonne & Cuochi
Cooking Classes with local Piemontese grandmothers & chefs.
cuisine of the Piemonte is going through a stage evolution that can scarcely capture many of the parola di parola or word of mouth recipes. It is in many of the restaurant kitchens where what they call the antique recipes are maintained. Recipes like Fritto Misto, Finanziera & Cugna are no longer made in most households, unless you have a Nonna who cooks for you.

This series of cooking classes reflects our passion to understand the cuisine of this region that is held in the memories and kitchens of a changing generation. It also reflects the generosity of the people who open their homes and restaurants to share their knowledge, and history with you.

Cooking Class with Alba’s Top Chefs
This option has limited availability. Dates must be confirmed in advance.
Osteria la libera straddles the line between a small local Osteria that is regularly listed among Slow Food’s favorite Osterias and one of Alba's rest restaurants mentioned often in European and American magazines. Regular clients are devoted winemakers and Alba locals as well as chefs and traveling foodies from all over the world.

We will meet with Marco Forneris in his kitchen and discuss his menu and his favorite wines and we will learn the secrets of making his famous Tajarin, Chi Che and other seasonal favorites. We will then meet with his partner Flavia Boffa who will take us through a sampling of one of the most impressive cheese carts of the Langhe and learn about her experiences as one of the judges at the Alba truffle fair.
Private lunch at la libera is included
€ 225 per person

Fresh Pasta with Nonna Olga
Tajarin is the local pasta specialty. In fact tajarin is the Piemontese word for tagliateli. In many restaurants it is made with only the yolks of the eggs, but for Nonna Olga it is made with the whole egg. She prefers the lighter texture in her pasta. Today we learn the fine art of mixing, rolling and cutting pasta by hand.
€ 70 per person

High Mountain Cooking Class & Cheese Tasting
Mt. Viso is the peak that separates the Cozze Alps from the Maritime Alps. Each valley has its own history, culture and cuisine. We will travel to one of the most quietly spectacular valleys where they are first Occitone, then Piemontese, then Italian. We will participate in a cooking class with the chef of one of the most respected restaurants in the region and participate in a cheese tasting that allows participants to "taste locally" in the truest sense of the word.
6 people minimum
Lunch included
€ 260 per person with transportation
€ 190 per person without transportation

Cheese Tour & Cooking Class in the Alta Langhe
Cheese making traditions are handed down through generations. Few of the artisan cheeses of the region ever get exported outside of the region. We will begin the day with a tour and cheese tasting at one of the region's most famous cheese villages, Murazzano. We will then drive through the Alta Langhe and arrive for a cooking class in a family trattoria.
Lunch included
€ 160 per person

Farmers Market & Home Lunch
(Saturdays only)
9:30 am – 3:30 pm
We will shop farmers market for fresh ingredients we need to make some of the regional and seasonal dishes. We will then join together for a hands-on cooking class preparing our lunch. During lunch we will taste an array of wines from the region and after lunch we will tour a winery.
150 € per person