Chi Siamo & perchè noi? (Who are we & why us?)

Because the Piedmont is where we live, these are the people we know and we can give you access that no one else can.

In 2004 we decided to move to the village of Neive in the Barbaresco wine growing region. The motivation? The incredible landscape, the wine, the food and the people (did I mention the wine?).

My name is Donna Macdonald and for many years I produced advertising and editorial photo shoots all over the place, but my favorite place was and is Italy. My partner is the wonderful and talented
photographer John Anthony Rizzo, he photographs for magazines, fashion clients, hotels, wineries and restaurants. He has also photographed more than a few cookbooks.

I am passionate about food and the traditions and culture that surround food. Since moving here I started writing. A book, several newspaper pieces & contributions to a tour book - all centered around Barbaresco, Barolo & the Piedmont Region. Along the way I have enjoyed getting to know winemakers, artisan food producers and chefs and I began connecting with several grandmothers who have taught me some of their home made specialties.

I started to help connect clients and friends to the incredible wineries, cheese makers, restaurants & food producers of this region. My network of connections has been cultivated over the years where I am known as the "American named Woman" ("l'americana si chiama donna"). I am very proud of the cooking class series called Nonne & Cuochi, bringing visitors to the homes of the grandmothers, and kitchens of chefs has been an incredible experience.

In Italy and America I regularly give cooking classes and lectures on the food and wine of the Piedmont region, but I prefer to put my clients in front of the Italians, the Piemontese, whose culture, cuisine and wine I find so interesting.

Vi aspetiamo!
Cordiali Saluti